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Best Practices

Selecting A Generator System

Choosing the right generator for your  home is not difficult, if you take the time to research the project.  

Questions that you will need to find the answers to are:

1.)  When the power goes out, do I want my home to be totally energized?  Or, do I just want the peace of mind knowing that critical circuits in my home are energized to keep essentials items going such as heat, sump pumps, wells, refrigeration and freezers.
2.)  What brand of generator should I use?  After all, this is a long term investment that I expect will be reliable for years to come.
3.)  Can I do the job myself? Or, should I have a qualified company install my new generator?

Guardian Generators

Advanced Energy Systems, Inc. is a company that you will feel comfortable working with.  We understand that budget is a major concern in most installations.  Our experience will help you find just the right system at the price you want to pay.  We sell and install Guardian home standby generator systems.  Guardian Generators offer breakthrough design, and advanced technology.  Guardian® air-cooled generators offer the most wattage and greatest starting power in their class. The Guardian 16 kW can start a 5-ton* and 3-ton A/C unit or two 4-ton units. The 13 kW can start a 4-ton and the 10 kW can start a 3-ton. 

Other features include:

  • Quiet-Test™ (16 kW model only)

  • Reduces noise to a whisper by lowering engine speed during the generator’s weekly self-test. The Quiet-Test sound level is comparable to a car at idle and is up to 50% quieter (59 dBA) than competitive models.

  • Industrial Engine

  • Guardian’s® engines have been specifically designed for generator demands. These engines offer the finest lubrication technology available, providing instantaneous distribution of lubricant to all moving engine parts. They also feature an automotive spin-on oil filter for simplified routine maintenance.

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Standard vibration isolators virtually eliminate transmission of vibration from the unit to the mounting surface.

  • Superior Electrical Protection

  • The air-cooled 10, 13 and 16 kW models feature an electronic governor, which maintains steady speed and eliminates voltage drop when loads are applied. This, as well as the automatic voltage regulator, provides a smooth rate of electricity, which is especially important for sensitive electronic devices such as computers.

  • Superior Paint

  • A textured, powder coat paint process provides consistent coverage and better bonding to seams and exposed edges providing durability and a long-lasting, tough finish.

  • Automatic Exerciser

  • An automatic weekly self test of your system ensures that your generator is in peak operating condition at all times.

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Fully Automatic Operation

  • Guardian standby generators continually monitor utility power. When the utility fails, the generator starts and signals the automatic transfer switch to lock out the utility and allow electricity from the generator to power the home. When utility power returns, the automatic transfer switch will lock out power from the generator and restore utility power. The generator will shut itself off and wait for the next power outage. Because it’s automatic, you never have to worry about a power outage, even when you’re away from home.

  • Convenient Fuel Supply

  • Guardian generators operate on natural gas or LP gas service. This Natural gas operation provides you with unlimited run time during extended utility power failures.

  • Maintenance Friendly

  • All Guardian air-cooled models feature a hinged top and removable front panel for fast and easy access for maintenance and service.  Advanced Energy Systems Inc. also offers regularly scheduled maintenance packages to help insure your system is running at it’s peak performance.

  • Automatic Safety Shutdowns

  • Automatic safety shutdowns protect the engine and generator in the event of low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, over speed and/or over crank.

  • Sound Attenuated Enclosure

  • Guardian air-cooled automatic standby generators feature weather resistant, rodent proof and sound attenuated enclosures as standard equipment.

  • Battery Charger

  • A built-in battery charger ensures that the battery remains at an optimum performance level.

  • UL-Listed

  • All Guardian standby generators are UL 2200 listed and our transfer switches are UL 1008 listed. UL listing verifies the kilowatt ratings of our generators and is your assurance that Guardian standby systems meet the highest safety standards.

  • EPA and CARB Emission Requirements

  • The Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board establish emissions requirements for generators up to 25kW. All Guardian generators comply with EPA and CARB requirements.

  • Made in USA

Guardian generators are made in the United States by Generac Power Systems Inc. Generac designs and manufactures all of the major components including the alternators, controls, enclosures, and our OHVI air-cooled engines. This unprecedented degree of control ensures that Generac products are built to the highest standards for quality, reliability and durability.

With an Advance Energy Systems installed GUARDIAN, 
you’ll never have to worry about your power again.

Now Which One is Right for You?


“I can’t believe it took us this long to invest in a backup generator for our home. So happy that we did. “

John D.

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